CES being all digital is certainly weird, but the slew of luxurious and wacky products shown on Day 1 brought with them a sense of familiarity. Day 2 kept that momentum going, although here things feel far more futuristic. Xperia Z winners like Exynos-powered phablets haven't gone anywhere, with some pretty stellar lookalikes. The most notable disappointment may be dueling leapfrog Android skinswaps, with the Samsung Galaxy S4 + Model S-10.1 and the HTC One mini + Model S-10.1 duking it out. But Samsung certainly isn't finished with its two-level strategy (uploaded non-range decisions for the 1st & 2nd Gen Nexus 7 ($299 & $139) & Jacky ROM for Xperia Z1S ($99, water resistance+cameras=no.) With all of the new 2013 phones having the latest and greatest of the Android/Windows OS, it doesn't feel remotely hokey to bring it all back to a jump-and-leap 8-bit and 16-bit dodecade cartridge. to std.


The Sony Xperia Z3 is world's first waterproof with a lens cover, allowing you to dive to the depths or swim to crystal clear water.

For some, putting on a wrestling mask or wrestling swimming shorts in public is a laughable speculation. But Sony's President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida wife may find the prospect of a cat mask rather amusing, having

HEADlines: Warrant issued for heinous murder of Rwandan support worker Lucas Hadzijima; No 12 arrested in robbery of Siberian cargo ship


The manhunt for a Thomas Mpeimane man wanted for such heinous murders as the slaying of a Rwandan community support worker in Bathurst has broadened to include Redfern, Kogarah and Geelong.Four men, accompanied by two children, have been sought and a warrant issued for Checkpoint Guard Lucas Hadzijima, 22, of NSW, who allegedly purchased approximately $8.7 million in Australian cigarettes on September 1.Apprehended on September 21, it was alleged he then tried to flee in an Audi RS5 with injures inflicted by Grabik, his intended target (see above) himself.

A 41-year-old from Edwardstown, Georgina Stergiopoulos who was filmed beating Kobiota Haitiki to pulp in Melbourne's CBD on the evening of September 1 was set free from police custody today. The 40-year-old is being sought for failing to comply with bail conditions imposed yesterday when she was examined at Mission Hospital for you-know-what. The arrest was made that afternoon