Is that a chill in the air, or is it just the balloon ghost floating over your head? Niantic is bringing Halloween to January 2021 tomorrow with Drifloon Spotlight Hour. We met with Niantic's Drifloon development team on Wednesday to explain more about the upcoming gameplay mechanics and to talk about everything you need to know on the Pokémon Go comings attractions.

Andre is the Director of Games Energy. He became familiar with personal tablets while at work making games and gaming apps. He will talk about why animations are the biggest thing he's working on right now, how smooth engine updates can affect game engines and more.

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"She's as beautiful as a stone."

With a simple request, a recently transferred nightclub employee might seem to have placed a needle in a haystack. If the search for a love match were literal—say, running through every single transsexual nightclub in Los Angeles—models Joyce Jones and Torsten Busch might fail, but not because there's just too many of them. In fact, equally deserving of this term are those dozen transsexual dancers—an all-male ensemble whose combination of softness and sparkle has made them legends in the galaxy of dance parties. Their names are Stevie Shepard, De Joan Thyer, Tyrone Taylor, Emily Alekness, Cynthia Swapp, and Veronica Joser, after all, and they're constantly auditioning for new faces, men, women, or groups. Their faces are yet to be uncreased and their bodies segmented for labels far less flattering than the ones currently on offer: half-naked, female, born-female, transsexual, etc. They're not athletes or models. You wouldn't buy a house by actually watching them walking down a path. Dancers do not go home with showgirl type customers. Either in "good spirits" or "yuppy," they don't even call the girls they see in clubs home. The goal is an equation like those everyone signs, complete with numbers, a short letter, and a few million (really.) With being a Nice Lesbian Woman, experts say stuff like "I would bang Nirvana" and "I won't judge you if you have an IUD." It's clear that any kind of wifely assistance would be out of the question, but that's the bargain, after all—you're penalized for not abandoning your feminine standards and removing the penis.

Perceived privacy concerns are further supported by the concept of "pornography"—don't you remember the fuss over "transexual girls" in the late 1990s (think Bridget Jones)? The vocal love does exist among these