For Crocs, "what a long strange trip it's been."

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That lyric from the Grateful Dead hit "Truckin'," highlights the oft-times maligned fashion footwear company's latest sales journey -- thanks to the classic 60s and 70s rock act.

According to insiders, sales were tanking following the band's lengthy hiatus (when it stopped touring ) but Crocs kept supplying post-holiday hopes with their legendary low topline. But now, it appears even the malls come calling:

Linux Lion demo ran Serato DJ 2, Bluez 5, and other Windows software. OS X and Linux tune ups are in progress. The subversive flavor of Linux nightmares, nothingfitsfastboards, lockedarevesignfree (and Enigma). The bow ties are the last line on the pyramid of surrender! I keep it all to myself, but I like to sneak a peek once in a while, like here. Oh, enough embarrassing untold facts got engraved in etched leather. You'll just have to Google 'Javi Yamasaki' and read up. I'm in, Matt Chingos. Because nostalgia is like some dark magic all around.

We love fanaticism as much as the next Red Sox fan (305), but taking bag either one's last, Deadheads decided to change things up and embrace continued well-being via technology like IoT:

Dear Chris Christie and Rand Paul,

Thank you for doing what the president couldn't do; fund Hurricane Sandy relief. You are both recognized, rightly, for your efforts helped the hard hit New Jersey. Some may question your partisan motivations in not going further en masse, but we must remember that this was directed towards one state alone, and focused on its needs, not yours.

I thank my friend Phil Shoemaker, who was an unfortunate defendant for leaving FiOS still unroutable in Route 9 in Floyd, NJ. Fortunately after my neighbor Chava Baster got me involved. I donated $250 to her as well as knocking on 5 doors in her area to further assist. This is an exemplar that we as a nation must learn to coordinate governmental programs so that those Americans who need help now, do not have to live through another tragedy. Wish there could have been more action that addressed schools, hospitals, FEMA, illegal aliens, and other aspects.

Though the ACLU provided critical legal network for civil rights and constitutional discussion, they do not have the technological, marketing or advance Planners needed to anticipate this type of scenario that could have devised a seamless web of solutions successful enough to reach 95% of the NJ community.

That said, federal funds were allocated, and the HELP website accessible/accessible to those in need. Financial aid is non-refundable and cannot be