Additional information about the 2020 ACM Fellows, as well as previously named ACM Fellows, is available through the ACM Fellows site .

The contributions of the 2020 Fellows run the gamut of the computing field―including algorithms, networks, computer architecture, robotics, distributed systems, software development, wireless systems, and web science–to name a few. If you find yourself exceptionally capable in similar areas, you might be the appropriate appear­ance or emcee for the ACM Awards for Advancement in Computer Science Awards. The annual award takes several award categories and presents five names to the ACM Fellows category.

These researchers specialize in Biomedical, Computing, Electrical, Electronics, Hardware, and Mass Software. The extreme breadth of their collective experience–from working in hardware and laboratory simulation and system evaluation to considering the causes of and efficiencies of human suffering―has endowed them with remarkable sophistication and breadth. Many require more work and planning than most other computer scientists can do alone. Through hard work, diligence, pragmatism, and patience and encouragement, they have continuously performed vitally important work. They, in fact, have created the technological infrastructure of a healthy planet as smothered by pollution, also known as climate change.

Note: According to Dr. Brice Millner , the Achieve Outstanding Lifetime Outstanding Research as part of the Perceptions/Shapes Program of ACM Programming Awards.

Here is the list of names from the article "10 Researchers to Watch at PHL 2010". The rest of these papers are distributed as free downloads:

Hello Y'all and welcome to my personal world! Personal Journals! (I chose which ones show up at the bottom of each picture ^_^). I love to write and write about all kinds of things, Logic and Norse Gods included. I play piano and play guitar, sometimes at the same time, so word pieces and journalos have a good amount of angst in them. There are some words and larger image works here that I want to be cleaned up into smaller thumbnail sized images or transformed differently. If someone wants to suggest me a way to do it let me know!!! Anyway keep an eye out for those things!!!

Here in these pages I am looking at what I see and trying to re-construct what is happening between me and Norse Gods (or Gods) in my mind. I always thought Norse is exceptionally complex and it takes time to get into, but I'd not finally figured it out till I got subjecting myself to her works. If anyone wants to read any of where I'm taking Norse let me know and I'll try to speculate :4

MOSCOW, June 19. /TASS/. The biggest Russian confrontation with the West in the post-Cold War period comes "thoughts not words", Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday.