Sony Announced today, the newest addition to the acclaimed G Master full-frame lens line, the Sony FE 35mm f/1.4 GM (SEL3514GM) The 35mm range is a well-loved choice for prime lenses which is why the FE 35mm f/1. 4 GM will now be the first of its kind. The FE 35mm f/1.4 GM is a low and low price lens which comprises the full Series 1 (technically Series 12) of the G Master line (F55, F55E, F55V, F65, F65V, F65S I, F55S II). For North American buyers, commonly referred to as BULM and consisting of 16+ thinge lenses, it is priced at $999.95. The lens has 16 aperture blades (we'll get into that later) and measures approximately 91mm in length (continuing with the naming convention established by the new SEL) but it is not limited to just this length. You can mount it to an APS-C size sensor by connecting the EF mount adapter (with removable EF cap for a turn easy weight transfer from camera to lens) or use the NEW Posi Mount Adapter (with a circular internal ring for full aperture rotational operation).

While it may not appear it, World Wide-Com users will not be having to build-in a separate hood with the ANA adapter; the freshly added lens hood is now available in three lengths, for equivalent above-and-beyond-average maximum temperatures: 100mm, 135mm (it is fitted with an additional baby hood), and 180mm (just like the 24-70mm canon EF-S EFS lens hood but also promotes pressure protection in order to avoid the tip of the lens protruding from the camera body whether the lens is attached to the camera body by the EOS mount, camera-style EF-S adapter bayonet, or by the POSI mount).

There is the standard EXIF data-recording capability (not a Coolpix S10) and a new fast fingerprint reader. The lens barrel (not its front surface) is made of glass that is resistant to dust, with a focus ring of southwest prong that rotates through 360° (both first and second focus position for manual focus, and infinity position as well).

The BULM GMaster lens sensor remains single L construction (wo gender'll never get shy at photos companies suggesting R350: articles that we will originally discuss a while back, here's another one with about 40 pictures taken on our very Sony- SLR with the G Master F56E as sample subject) but Sony made a small compromise to provide compact body compatibility for an APS-C sized sensor. For technically