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The Texas A&M Aggies looked like a forgotten team after polling being released Thursday afternoon but the No. 24 Aggies sat atop a set of updated polls obtained Thursday morning by 247Sports.

The College Football Playoff committee named Texas A&M its representative to play in the National Championship next season, the deadline to choose which teams qualify. The committee named Clemson as the No. 3 seed in the SEC.

Still, the Texas A&M Aggies had implications for the committee's ranking and were going to get picked on Saturday if the committee wasn't satisfied with OU just because it beat them 61-38 for its first national title in 20 years. And what better way to add salt to the losses against Clemson and Alabama than to lose a close program game against another champion?

After Ole Miss beat out Alabama 45-34, the Committee on Dec. 4 recommended that Texas A&M be placed at No. 4. And now it's definitely pretty important. Obviously, the Aggies can't go to the Playoff any earlier than the top six, but if they fall out of the top six completely, it could be tough.

If the committee has weight, they'll put Texas A&M first. If it's not, leaving OU or Wisconsin in there to take that spot would probably be the best option as well.

If A&M's ranking doesn't get it as high as everyone wanted for now (12.5), all of this matters. The Aggies either hit the New Year's Six kickoff and move into a spot other teams got or finish 5-5 and will make smarter decisions moving in March race.

Here are the final non-Twitter tweets for former Texas A&M star Shane Tyson, who was on the committee from Nebraska to LSU in the past.

I'll wait until the final rankings are released … ok I won't. @GeezLumberjack 🚨 — Shane Tyson (@ShaneTyson3) December 4, 2015

Ok I'll ask @TCU and @slightlymoreNatty if they can get a hunter with a Make-a-Wish ribbon out for A&M fans w/ me tonight. — Shane Tyson (@ShaneTyson3) December 4, 2015

You don't get to coach at Nebraska and LSU without earning this honor my brothers and I are ready! — Shane Tyson (@ShaneTyson3) December 4, 2015

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