(CNN) An extinct species of wolf, which served as inspiration for a mythical creature in the popular television show "Game of Thrones," had little in common with the gray wolves that roam North America today, new research has found.

Known as Canis dirus, meaning "fearsome dog," it had been thought that dire wolves were simply a beefier version of the gray wolf. But researchers at Carnegie Museum of Natural History now say that a breed of little brown dogs -- the aforementioned dire wolves -- were more related, physically and genetically, to red wolves.

The findings, which were published in the Journal of Mammalogy, were based on a comparison between the genomes of the extinct species and well-preserved remains of the separate line of continental gray wolves. Researchers then compared the results to the DNA of living gray wolves.

This led them to conclude that humans outcompeted the dire wolves by bringing in larger packs of animals into their ecosystems from around the world that shared their environment better than wild constituer of the species. This evolution trend -- suggesting how the dire wolves evolved to become more mobile -- was as real in the real world as humans ramming into UK cars and stares of "Out of Africa"has made on the TV screen.

"I hadn't thought about dire wolves as an extinct species," said lead study author Michael Hendryx, curator of mammals at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. "Greenland rich in wolves," he added, paraphrasing a line from Céline (1957). "Vuvuzelas without Vuvuzelas!"

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Gamescom 2017, the biggest video games exhibition in the world, has begun in Germany and the first live stream is down. Twitch has announced it has claimed the live football panel show has been taken down by the German broadcaster because they disagree with some of the content on show.

Twitch has already pull-ed an hour and a half of the show, which is in Germany on Monday and Tuesday of this week. They went ahead and uncharacteristically unblocked it on Thursday, but the broadcaster is yet to give their view on some parts of the show.

They have stated that by showing the live stream of the Dota 2 tournament at the tournament site in Cologne, they were breaching German broadcasting laws. In 2015, they granted transfers of sporting rights, signed by video games broadcasters, to host the rights and committed to giving funding for competitive esports teams and players in Germany.

Nevertheless Twitch is not the first to have timed their live stream of an LFP visual guide thread to transition and then cancel the stream after the broadcast ended quietly, as has happened many times with fans