Ashley Tisdale is selling her LA home for $5,795,000 — just a little over a year after moving in.

The “High School Musical” star, 35, purchased the five-bedroom, five-bathroom Los Feliz property with her husband, Christopher French, for $4. 9 million, UK's Mirror reports.

Tisdale and French's Centennial Hills home that they shared consisted of five bedrooms, 5.25 bathrooms, and 8,449 square feet. The two actresses' 15-year-old son, Carter, currently lives in the house with his mother and older brother.

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When the iconic movie oeuvre broke DVD sales records, Tisdale's newest California home was among the property's greatest decorating favorites. Current L.A. resident Matjaz Bijakjian told The Sun last year that he sees askingensimo really as about "having the best (or second best) one" as he referenced the indoor/outdoor split in the new home's firm expansiveness of space, which includes "of course royal-blue shutters … yessss," and "an old family cat lawnmower."

The 5.8-acre LA property is situated on three-acre rolling driveway and was previously owned by singer and actress Barbara Harris, who is best known for her role as Ethel Barrett on The Golden Girls. Tisdale appears in Hulu series Lazlo as the controlling mother of go-getter-Jay-day-of-the-party Lucas, who combines his SO's softer side with his aggressive professional one.

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