11 Minutes Of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Co-op Gameplay We get our hands on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – The Game for PlayStation 4 during Twitch Prime. Watch above to discover what's in store for our co-op as we offer our take on the video game.

Siegecraft – Lords Of Constantinople Review. This week our critics have looked at the biggest upgrade Australian developers have made since Microsoft's Meline's Enlightened Universe. Our writers give us the lowdown on the ever-bigger EU civ masterpiece Siegecraft

Grab anything / anything based around the Machinarium trailer. Cosplay can do a lot of things, but looking excellent in costume certainly isn't one of them. Magical builds, outstanding costumes, incredible cosplay… The art of cosplay has revolutionised the real world this year. But with a whole new world to explore from Machinarium to Magic: The Gathering's newest expansion Shadows over Innistrad, Evolution has something really special here. And don't worry about doing it all on camera, you can make some really amazing pictures on your phone or tablet! Create an image of Melium, the Cat Lady. It won't be long now until we see what people are making in-game with Clan Kaldare, who are pledged to putting the best effort into the costume. They've put up a Flashforge course videos so that anytime anyone wants to experiment with gear, they can do so without having to break the bank.

Half-Life: Blue Shift Review. Before Half-Life: Blue Shift arrives, we take a fresh look at one of 2012's best shooters and premiere a trailer.

Runner3D, Hunger Games: The Game, Team Fortress 2 All Dogs go first in this adorable edition of Red Bull Dog Days, where we only choose well-behaved dogs. Whether you picked Team Fortress "The Game" or NeoGAF's Running Team 2, everyone's got a game to play! There are no prizes for CS:GO nor for IQ in this Meet Your Match round – just competing game personalities!

Gamescom Europe 2012 preview, Cleared For Business. Gamescom 2012 will kick off this week, and we've just the article for you to get you started on the new year.

ZEN Studios' Metal Slug 5 Shows Off A World Levelling Up Graphics Within The Same Development Studio. Look things are growing up for Metal Slug. It got the world premiere in 2008, and was a huge hit when it was released it PlayStation 3 in 2009. Now a sort of sequel, this time with the help of their