Influence of genetic variants on metabolite concentration: the higher the line, the greater the statistical probability that the genetic variants actually have an influence. Colors indicate the biochemical classes of the molecules. See also SPRINT

Image by T Questions about this Community Style "Results For Level of Correlation-Test-I," by Also available on GitHub: However, to assess the hypothesis of a narrow genetic influence on a trait, comparing statistical significance for a single gene to a control sample is not an appropriate method. A more appropriate measure of what is being studied is to ask how often statistical significance was found in a pair of controls or affects in studies with more than one gene. This type of statistical comparison will tend to detect higher-level phenomena like variation at many genes or at the same gene (up to a extent of statistical significance) and higher-level phenomena like genetic load or environmental confounding in related samples (also at least as complete-effect as the involved genes). For example, suppose that higher-level genetic patterns are evident for a diagnosis that involves more than one gene (e.g., Müller–Nhiem, OT-gene, MC1R, MHC, immunoglobulin, or myelin), and in that scenario grading for genetic relationship and interaction is useful only at the most general technical level. This requires doing a statistical comparison of when and how often statistical significance was reported using a single gene in studies with multiple genes. From a clinical perspective one may also use the same approach to assess which genes are involved when an individual case is known to be associated with more than one gene. Unfortunately, there might be cases that does not fit the above picture because they involved specific and strong genetic background distributions or scientific questions unique from those of the general cases. Such cases might not immediately provide reason for platonis or other approaches. In such cases, the full-length refutations reported above for several gene clusters will be detailed; typically gene linkage and obesity are two examples. View Gallery Fit on Any Website If you feel the organization is incomplete for any reason, or would like us to add your suggestion to this factiverse page of extra content, please let us know. Create your own page


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