Additional information about the 2020 ACM Fellows, as well as previously named ACM Fellows, is available through the ACM Fellows site .

The contributions of the 2020 Fellows run the gamut of the computing field―including algorithms, networks, computer architecture, robotics, distributed systems, software development, wireless systems, and web science–to name a few.

Winners were caught up as much or more in the world of open-source software in the last decade than any previous cohort. They mined thousands of code snippets from projects such as MySQL, Postgres, PyPI, and, and other young developers from the coding scene were instructed to reverse code-a-thon and produce new programming languages to address issues with new web platform APIs such as REST, pluggable transports, storage, and stateful Web crawlers.


Proposed Fellows, Past US Presidents, and Movements to Recognize

This year's Fellows are:

Alan E. Duff, NIST Technical Fellow for Computer Science and Labor Standards (Summer 2015)

Alan Scott Judd, Community College System Rhizome Fellow (Spring 2013)

Alan G. Galloway, M.S. (Spring 2013)

Alan Levy Tomben, professor (Winter 2012)

Alan Simmons, Professor Wittenberg University (Summer 2010)

Alan Romanczuk, professor (Fall 2009)

Alan Strober, Professor Technology Education, Arizona State University (Fall 2009)

Alan Thaling, Prof on the Policy Team of The Academy of Chief Information Officers (Spring 2007)

Alan Wong, researcher (Summer 2007)

Allen Bakkie, Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University (Fall 2007)

Allen M. Travers, Professor of Computer Science, Harvard (Fall 2007)

Allan T. Schnell, Associate Professor of Computer Science Emeritus, California State University at Old County (Spring 2006)

Aurelien Montalvo Fleury Terwitch, Ph.D., 1965 Ph.D., 1992 Honorary Research Fellow, International School of Saint Benedict of Rimini (2012)

Tiphan Garrick, Ph.D., UCLA Computer Science Laboratory (Spring 2005)

Barton Steinsaltz, Assistant Professor of Computer Science (Fall 2000)

Brian C. Latané Director, Bioinformatics Research and Social Research, Stanford University Biology Department (Pulitzer Laureate 2005)

Bruce O.I. Biglan, Professor in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Department of Carleton University (1996)

Bradley W. Witt, MIT Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Belden Mitchell Center, American Museum of Natural History) (Spring 2000)