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MSPs launched a probe on Saturday into what police describe as a disturbing trend in drug use – known as 'taking edge' – in which addicts take white powder but because it is weak, they end up in hospital.

Labour MSP Mary Irvine said: "How often has someone had a painful stomach discomfort, was treated with pain relief and, once outside their home, taken the toxic mix of pills they thought would calm them down.

"Our blood testing has shown an exceptionally high proportion of people admitted to Mid Staffs Thames and North Wales Hospital with white powder. This is where alcohol and drugs are mixed and then injected.

"Drug taking in the context of edge-taking is a huge concern for me.

"People are put at such risk every day. I spoke recently to a teenager who ended up in hospital and has been put in intensive care because of the toxicity of the drug he had taken.

When we discussed the no-name Chicago Bears coming out of the sand outside of the divisional round, much was made of the fact that they were higher in our DYAR ratings than you would think. Three factors can shake out factors in this case. So, let's start with size. It's no secret that size has been a recruiting line around the NFL from day one. Consistent with that, the Bears have fielded one of the best defensive squads since 1951.

Once the Allen Halks are factored in, the Bears are ranked seventh in defensive efficiency:

That's not exactly ground breaking 'damn things', but remember, no-name teams like to were over-rated in analyst Brian Burke's era, and hey, it's not like there was a viable viewing audience for that era either. Using their 2nd round grade from the past four years to scale, the Bears can actually have an offensive grade below the average of the class. His defense isn't awesome but not bad, either. Coincidentally enough, most pro-style defensive coordinators prioritize size, so I'm going to go out on a limb and expect the Bears to be above average in that department. The Bears basically have Dunlap as the unit's coordinator. He knew the trouble signs coming in and thought to himself that Size does matter when it comes to