XP Coins are back. You can find Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold XP Coins in the game this week, as long as you know where to look.

On the Xbox One, XP Grand Exchange is the most effective place to find them.

A single purple XP coin is worth around £1.20. If you find 10 of those, you'll receive two of the following in return:

2,000 XP points

Ability to open a certain spelling book

5,000 baubles accounting for opponent above or below team's net worth overall

Although other crates may be a quick and easy way to boost a character's stats, a consistent amount of XP is more valuable, by luring more players to your server.

Thank you to our video commentator Saul M. for providing additional footage and information. You can follow him on Twitter and YouTube.

Resources informing residents about an ordinance proposed by City Council to enshrine transgender and gender nonconforming rights in the human rights code

On Tuesday, September 12, City Council will hear Public Hearing Number 855 - Transgender Inclusion of the Human Rights Code that would include on the June 2018 human rights statement the following language:

Rights in Gender Identity or Expression

The fundamental freedoms of all individuals are important. The human rights requirements (article 14) include the right to recognition of gender identity and expression. This right should not always be concidered an equivalent to traditional sex prejudices which have been attempted to be codified in other legislation such as The Family Services Act. But in recognition of their importance, I propose renaming article 14 as "gender identity or self-identification" and we should ensure all initiatives commensurate with the purpose of the statement include the right to a status that better reflects their gender identity.

Additionally (by order of the council) we should amend the human rights code to include a separate section in the curtilage including the privacy of a person's home, a portion of common areas not generally accessible, and a common forum portion  including event areas.

The ordinance will include these two rare provisions on that day and if both provisions pass the City Council, this legislation will add protections for transgender people in owner occupied housing and a common garden for instance.

Many people in Chattanooga recognize the mission this ordinance serves because they support the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming community and they are here to help. If you would like to see the public's input and to hear further information on this matter, please follow these links and check back from time to time to see if any more hearings are scheduled. the Office of the Chattanooga Southeast Asian