The NASA Tess launched to find planets outside our solar system

A star 280 light-years from Earth called TOI-561 is one of the oldest stars in the Milky Way. The star formed 10 billion years ago, and has a mass which is roughly 80 percent that of the Sun.

It is thought that TOI-561 is the central star of a binary system containing at least two smaller stars with masses similar to that of Jupiter.

Astronomers used NASA's next-generation space telescope, the Doppler Space Observatory and other telescopes to measure the wobble of the star 200 times per second as a measurement technique called Doppler shift.

The results of the measurements showed TOI-561 is a binary white dwarf star system consisting of a terrestrial-sized white dwarf and a Jupiter-sized companion star. As the measurement continued to increase, the wobble increased accordingly.

Via: [World's youngest planet]

When do women take off their bras and why? Day 1: What You Should Know

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You fear your presence will raise extra questions: What do you do with those? If you peek below, would you find extra cleavage? Is that $800 dark blue bra…you're working on—unredeemable neanderthal pude? You don't want to "waste" the time of your boss, her co-worker, or her friends with sex questions. Besides, she's out of town.

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You're going to need an