Elsword has gone live with its newest character, Noah, KOG Games announced today. Born over 500 years ago — and looking remarkably good for his age — Noah was sealed away and recently freed from his prison. The allowed to get involved in Elsanna, and so Noah's first goal is to make sure the whole world is aware that KOG Games is developing the game.

Come and get a glimpse of Noah, with just a handful of truly gorgeous pictures from the game below:

You can watch the trailer below:

With any luck, we'll get our hands on the Nintendo Switch version of Elsword sometime in 2017, so stay tuned to GamesRadar for all the latest development on this already wonderful game.

World's best ultra marathon runner writes bestselling autobiography

Bandar Abbas, Philippines: The female runner who finished in the top three every year from 1995 to 2009 is to go on a book tour. Anita Sheth, who also won five golds in the 100 meters and 11 in the 200 metres in the 2009 Commonwealth Games, will talk about her life, her career and why she is confirmed as number one on her favorite professional ultra running list for 2010.

Dr Anita Sheth (born 30 March 1966) is the world's best ultra runner and will be surprised at the number one spot on the list compiled by Ida Poole, editor of LetsRun, the leading UK online ultra running platform. She will talk about her career on a tour that will take her through Australia, USA, Canada, Israel, Japan and Mexico, discussing her favourite domestic and international races from her tenure as the world's best-performing female ultra runner in Britain and her growth as a coach and a figure runner.

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