Like most Fortnite skins, the cost for a Predator skin is anyone's guess. Typically, new skins can cost anywhere from 1,200 to 2,000 V-Bucks. Nonetheless, new skins for the multiplayer are pumped with the launched patch, so stay tuned for more information and previews soon.

The opening sequence to this weekend's monster horror game, Fortnite, introduces fans to three new premade squads based on Predator archetypes. Watch the video above for spoilers, or read on for the batch of new skins for each group.

Exterran Wolves Pack Cost: 12,200 V-Bucks for Skins: 4

Forget the Hell Hounds. These pint-sized Pit Predators have a fanatical devotion to the human cause. They tend to be low-key, concerned only about their many heirlooms. Exterran Wolves skin will effectively transform your Commando or Gunner into this pale blood-field of death.

Behemoth Pack Cost: 12,200 V-Bucks for Skins: 4

A monstering robot is at least 75% of the way to becoming a real crab monster. The Behemoth Pack skin is the result of three years' worth of Kaplan's conceptual playground wanderings. The skin will transform your Heavy from commando to badass and restrain your Medic from working wonders.

Clawbreaker Pack Cost: 12,200 V-Bucks for Skins: 4

Get ready to bite your tongue out. Let it rip when you mount a borrower of this apparel. The clawbreaker pack steers customers to build flashbacks of EMS victims, Floamination lining them up on and states that "You're a life-flighting 'Splode-kadonon!"

Nimble Predators Pack Cost: 12,200 V-Bucks for Skins: 4

If you haven't got your Predator recipe ready, cap off the ride with this skin. If you really are confident, you can stick out the smell of E-z-Tober by unleashing the Nash, Wranglingmine or the Oracle hybrid razorblade. Not pulling out your greatest gun yet? This skin will bare your inner fortitude by surgically removing a chin hair at the last second.


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