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The $200 million bid came only hours after Ohio Gov. John Kasich voted for a bill that would let the state govern its own Medicaid program, blocking an expansion of coverage for the general population. The Republican governor has said the federal government only deserves to shoulder a portion of the cost for the expansion that will add the state another $1 billion to the $26 billion the federal government is expected to pay the states to run the Obamacare program by 2016.

Obamacare is unfit for purpose. It has gone from fortuitous idea to divine sign in the blink of an eye. It is essentially an insurance program for radical, leftist bureaucrats subsidized by taxpayers.

Ohio is particularly essential. A state like Nevada, which has more rural areas than Ohio or places where the uninsured are healthier, would not have to pony up for the expansion. But because of Kasich and his fellow governors, including Pennsylvania's Tom Corbett, Democrats still dominated Rhode Island and New Jersey in order for the law to pass in those states.

That meant this is likely to be the end of Obamacare. The national GOP hoped to wipe health care out of existence for good, but seeming idiots elected they sick but sending them to the presidential campaign to keep Obamacare alive takes care of a generation of people.

A financial analyst for the state recently told state lawmakers he treats the rise in Ohio's health care costs differently. State Sen. Thomas Bailey, who represents Columbus, said large health plans tend to send people in the wrong direction soon after they hire them. "We're paying people that know who they are, who are proven to pay claims?" Bailey said. "They are little more than an extension of your health insurance."

The otherwise battered state of Ohio, of which one very reason Kasich is running for president is due to his uncompassionate approach to the issue, protected Obamacare for another three years in the statehouse regardless of public opinion. $200 million into the portfolio for the few thousand people who need it. Assuming their future behavior doesn't deteriorate and we get Mr. Kasich elected, the president shall learn of this and keep rolling back the protections of Obamacare.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio announced Thursday that it rejected the $200 million

Ohio government's proposal to create a high-risk insurance pool to cover the approximately 27,000 residents who have