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The Bishop's residence previously remained a four bedroom home while the patron from All Saints' Cathedral outside of Boston undertook renovations.

Oftentimes in Cathedral's history, such as now, the administration sees a vacancy during long term renovations. When they better understand the market and community, they look for the best option. For the archdiocese, this meant a conversion - the elimination of all but four of the five bedrooms in a five bedroom home and to have the Madison cross balcony in the lobby replaced with a meeting space.

The Bishop's estate building remained a four bedroom mansion while the patronage from All Saints' Cathedral outside of Boston undertook renovations. The townhome for the Charity Resource began as the residence of Bishop Ben El-Lasti's cousin. Upon renovation, a number of clerical staff who used the basement offices moved their offices to a hotel room. Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who also had an office in the basement, would pass by the arched entrance to this sacred space daily.

His successor Archbishop Thomas Wenski and Relief Society 202 meet here to help alleviate November's caffeine withdrawal.

ArchLit Director Garry Culp listed around eighty churches around the country who utilize the archdiocesan Liturgical Resource Center located here and who have offices near the Liturgical resource. Concerned about the scrap metal dump that the government is playing with at the state landfill there? This is what you have to look forward to if you happen to be in New York and want to pick up scrap metal or find to who is purchasing it from you. Church officials in the Judeo-Christian tradition don't just pick up trash. Some pick up the insides of trash. Some dig through rubbish to find hidden treasures.

More than 3 dozen acres of forest in Clareca (Birmingham) are now preserved for spiritual reflection and contemplation appropriate to the times.

A special visitation occurred that was open to the public. The August Prayer shared by Archbishop Fernadez de Castro Bonilla of New York City and other clergy from the United States and Canada regarding and in honor of our National Prayer Day ("Yo Soy Aiba"), as well as activities to help the religious education of women of the USA took place at the Cathedral which was mostly reserved for those who served as Honorary Masters for the centennial retrospective of the Cathedral. Pizza is