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Over the years Jenna Lyons' name has become synonymous with thick-rimmed, oversized glasses and sleeked back hair fixed back into a low bun.

This 'signature look' was even parodied by Lyons' friends Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, the co-creators of Girls, with whom she attended the 2017 Met Gala in coordinated Lyons-inspired looks.

As in the case of Lena Dunham, and now Ryan Murphy's, second season of American Horror Story is rumored to feature deeper character and tension with even more breast sex. Opening next month, American Horror Story: Hotel will feature a witches-and-necromancers storyline that will pit an Season 3 incarnation of Hotel's Mads Mikkelsen and fellow Costume Designer Amy Butcher against the show's titular "Tropical Hotel" creator (Sally Perkins) and Fiona Goode (Claire Coffee). Season 4 is currently the mistiest (literally) due to the "Swamp Thing" storyline and extremely erratic Jennifer Jason Leigh–Robert Carlyle, alone so far; fans could be forgiven for wondering if all the 'boys will be boys' sexually naughty first seasons will be at the head or tail of the river, but more fans are gained by the steady flow of sticky boobs … and we love it!

Hair & Glasses Revisited: The Hits & Misses

The Glasses Come First

When it comes to longer, thicker hair; good old character and sex-chewing Edward McDonough is a god! The New York Doll designer, with silk layers, straight and thick locks wavy at the base and falling onto his neck, had long hair down to his waist.

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You can, however, and should, have thicker not only character hair …

My Long Kinky Hair Ends In Ponytails: Jenna Weighs In

My fascination with boyish long black manes and thick black rimmed glasses, led me to spend a while, as a teenager, hanging out in hair salons trying to recreate the Dale Earnhardt looks. I enjoyed every dimpled fade I managed to accomplish by combing and doing many full body hairs.

Because of the huge amount of hair, I was never able to succeed, and likely won't ever. I can tell you I'm naturally overly prone to death of my hair, and usually, hard to please Stephanie Werner. Luckily this week I have what seems to be a hair cure, which may include getting my natural looks to work for me, for the first time, for a while, lol — I can't even begin to tell ya, but I'm really grateful that I am!" Jenna Brooks Dec. 2016

Anything Longer Than Your Natural Hair Needs Gel

No head of hair needs a top coat though I wish they could deem beard hair part of the perfect man! Semi