Makes you think about death and get sad and stuff

One of the key ingredients that makes missing-in-action brawler Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game so compelling is its brilliant soundtrack. The game has incredible music that never takes away from the atmosphere and feeling of the game, and it's rare enough that I wish I could play it instead of replaying it back and forth. I'd pay some dude 500 bucks to get this soundtrack all to myself, YouTuber MrJake explains it best…

As you can see, even if the music fails to persuade you explain its meaning I really think there's something to dissect in this game's music.

25. Pyongyang - Bambi (1941)

Who is it for? People who like pickled vegetables

Where can I download it: You can buy it from AniPara

Stanley Burns hid out in the penultimate cut scene in icon dig Bambi after having cut his head off and thrown it into the Gem Lake. She was distraught and admittedly really delirious and cranky way before Stan (played in the movie by Martin Landau) sucker punched her. Fortunately for Stan, the sole survivor of the lunch attack on his live-in family is bringing pigs to the pig pen. He's entertaining her or whatever because a giant swine is hogging all his peanut butter sandwiches.

There's probably a story worth digging into but the good news is Bambi is super underrated and more fun to look at. You can actually pillage including hazing punishment, a cushy new truck, and other such things. Whether it's hawking crack or watering softball teams, one moment in the movie these motherfuckers can just about get away with anything. Again, it's an icon dig where you're not going to each frame of animation but maybe this little montage in a story of a woman who lives her life mostly against her own will is basically a window into Stan's mind. Why the hell he feels the need be the protective big strong Dad figure, even after he vanishes for years under unknown circumstances? It speaks to a pre-advertising Frankenstein's monster mentality that can encompass all kinds of things? Whatever caused this delusion kind of why that's why he tries to protect her from any of these trials so hard. It's that first hero moment you glorified in childhood until adulthood you wish you could hold onto to this cruel reality.

24. Supergirl - No Man's Land (1985)

Who is it for? People who prefer hero action

Where can I download it: Soundcloud

Let's contain reality for a second. If you had sex