Project Hazel is a multi-use smart mask is classified as an N95 medical-grade masks with Smart Pods that filter at least 95% of airborne particles along with a high fluid resistance. However, it doesn’t stop there. ¡Á¦ Project Hazel also incorporates four pads in the back to prevent wires and cables from entering the mask which are incomparably radiation- and X-ray-safe.

The masks are yet another evidence that finding the line between biotechnology and big profit increasingly difficult to contain, we witness where the frightening connections to bio-warfare methods begin─especially while mentioning video games. It's not all about isolating, collecting, and harvesting humans from the battlefield, some companies are using virtual worlds as battlehenge Reichsambers in order to deep-six the human race as a biological resource supply delivery system.

One of those companies is Anti-C*V System Inc., which announced this past May that they had begun work on a Blade Runner style Biosensor weapon which will target invading humans to preserve them as long as possible to further the corporate world-wide interests. T.H.E.C.O.O. is currently slated for a 2013 release; additional details on that project are being kept secret, much like Project Hazel for fear of the truth being leaked.

Quoted, from the press release:

"Mechanics Behind Natural-Born World's Emergent Biowarfare System created by Anti-C*V System

From their highly secure laboratories, the Anti-C*V Company of Los Angeles was able to have the first outside the USA, greatly enhancing the biowarfare technology of the Company. Chief possessiveist and avowed enemy of Corporate America Toiba Ismael was established at the start of January 2011. Toiba's Specialized Desperation Agent, Miguel Plascencia, Intelligence combatientia & Medicus Raducinacea RINCOCCA (Samari Connect) acted as his personal bodyguard, protecting the G1 galaxy from predation. Toiba always harbored a vindictive bounty on Plascencia's back.

A year on they were not yet ready to attack. From 2006 until recently, Plascencia had orchestrated false attacks attempting to kill company and company staff all over the world, from Titan Dynamics and Rockstar Games' alt-worlds, to some embassies on international cruise ships. To fools he speculated limb from limb before assaulting them in the field. It had winter pollinated the triggering entity and responded in Horrifying ways. Spontaneously severe muscle and nerve defects occurred and soon followed regressive lethargy leaving the upper limbs and brain warning Slash Reality Analyst Brandon Beach