Drowsy night security guards had better keep a look over their shoulders. A new indoor security drone may have its sights on replacing them on the midnight shift.

After the recent hacks, people have asked what security companies are doing to secure their electronic devices. Those security companies can be found in aircraft, hospitals, law offices and factories, according to the A Theme-Driven Approach To Security.

A Venue Of Attack

The main reason cameras are much more vulnerable than people realize is they often host their failures near nearby to where governments and people are known to conduct surveillance or surveillance-like activities. According to the security companies, domain controller security is one of the most privileged and critical elements presented from any security risk assessment.The folks at Elevation Security, a large and faith-based security company in Aria, Ariz., may know this better than anyone else, having played a lead role in those Park Inn surveillance videos. They said the plot told all.

As long as we are watching, anything our cameras can see, do, or perhaps lack of action reflects on us...and of course on the organizations that created and operate the camera systems. -Dave Hunter, head of security for Venue Health

A rising number of companies are launching or building security cameras and provide them for a variety of uses, ranging from retail to healthcare, health insurance companies to private security. That includes security companies, too.

What do you know about how to secure your camera? We asked a group of security professionals to reflect on what they've learned, raise their eyebrows, but also smile about the idea of making cameras a part of your perimeter defense in the home of the master watchman.

Deedra Sykes, founder and CEO of Venue Health, wasn't scared by the hackers.

"My company has 20 or so cameras so I'm rarely hearing about hackers," she said. Instead, security breaches happen when existing users aren't aware of the devices' security too.

"As long as we are watching, anything our cameras can see, do, or perhaps lack of action reflects on us," she explained.

Dallas Dockers CEO Robert Fisher, the first cameraman to show off his Venue monitoring system at CIO $15 mini-tech summit, said the risk arises when the camera's large computer and processor do the system monitoring themselves and non-admin users can't control them nor get access to them.

Each camera and every connected device can be affected by attacks on the computer,processor or CCTV, according to products are increasingly connected to all devices in a home. Modeled after the movie "Min