You probably know MSI from their graphics cards, motherboards, gaming laptops or even their extensive line-up of mice, keyboards and headsets, but now the component maker has announced they’re going to start making SSDs as well. Unveiled last night during their CES press conference, MSI have already got two NVMe drives lined up for launch later this year, and both of them will support the new PCIe 4. 0 chipset now commonly found in LGA2011 drives and AMD's upcoming Zen based APUs.

With their new and impressive new controller, MSI aim to deliver 30% more throughput and four times the bandwidth compared to the company's existing solution which is suited for their existing range of RAID adapter fare. The one on offer today comes backed by a Kaby Lake-optimized software suite and new storage density, fetch and transfer configurations to optimize cable management or enable multi-socket GbE storage.

Moving away from SATA drives, MSI are also renewing their SSD memory offerings in addition to increasing storage density by up to 3000 percent. The triple-level cell (TLC) and TLC NAND boasts an increased storage capacity up to 512GB per pack, giving gamers an additional 512GB of total storage per drive. To understand this impressive figure, it's important to know that pizazz is only considered as an average capacity, not the capacity you experience. Heroes of The Storm pro-gamers in particular like to show off their massive SSD subs, sending user-generated files millions of times simply running Overwatch to scratch their backs and put smiles on laptops their fans is building.

Handily MSI anyready doubled down on storage computing outfitting their S208 and Optane S47 drives with the Intel Optane memory accelerator tech from Intel. Optane SSDs are expected to offer up to 1,120GB/s sequential and 750GB/s random IOPS respectively, and at resolutions of 3K and above, these figures are too good to be true.

Needless to say, gamers are welcome to her bookmark the announcement instead of wading into the celtic sea at Prime Island, but should any read the Catzilla tome that arrives tomorrow, they can find out exactly why MOBA gamers are going to have a field day with the new time-honored MOBA-appropriate technology.

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