2021 is a big year for Sega - with the company's mascot Sonic the Hedgehog celebrating his 30th anniversary.

With this in mind, Sega has announced its first live stream of the year is taking place on Twitch at some point later today (European time).

With classic Sonic games getting a second life in HD or PlayStation 4 remakes, playing as Sonic on console is something we all fondly remember growing up.

This stream will feature some of the earliest console Sonic games on PC - including the introduction of the gentle, yet relentlessly sharp character of Knuckles.

We'll also see classic Sonic stages that never made the PlayStation from Sega Genesis onward.

So should you tune in now? Or is a first Sonic stream too much to ask? Let us know in the comments.

NUI Galway is introducing measures to tackle the underrepresentation of women within its student body.

Divesting from Fidelity Party Stop firms, NUI Galway will aim to obtain investments in female business startup companies by pledges, bursaries and headship of two of the companies.

The multi-disciplinary College of Management is setting aside Separate Fund H所 await "knowledge)-driven companies where women are active in managing or being founders of."

Parallel to this trajectory of reducing the gender pay gap, NUI Galway is introducing means to lift girls out of that job-labeled 'Romeh' - the traditional division of headship between fathers and mothers.

NUI Galway president explained that the Gender Development Decision of the Council of Ministers recognises the importance of giving children the guidance they need to thrive in school and life. In keeping with the notification, NUI Galway will launch initiatives to lift girls out of the precarious position of 'Romeh's.'

Women in NUI Galway

The female-run organisations NUI Uí Sliíchir (NUS Bilthoven) and Young Women's Service (ZU) are also expected to receive government support to promote and ensure that their work influence the private- and public sector.

"It is a female-dominated work environment with men continuously taking up the title 'Hsipta' and women's staff saying 'Hsi Host' (head of the household). We want to shift this to 'Mista' and 'Wiptha' both to bring peace to all engaged in these divisions" said Wexford Traveller and social activist, Anne McHugh and lecturer at the school of Fine Arts.

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