Need access to an Apple Silicon M1-powered Mac mini but don't want to buy one? Or maybe you want access to unlimited usage of 1 Gbps worth of bandwidth. Whatever your situation, you can now turn this mighty individual into a dedicated and completely corporate purpose-built machine for managing thousands of websites across the internet, #outing web pages and providing back-end data technologies.

Astute visitors won't need to be told about Apple's host of up-and-coming Mac Mini hardware this year as Apple unveiled the majority of its upcoming Mac hardware on Wednesday

The announcement was made by Apple director of web software Macworld and Azure evangelist Mark Gilbert who spoke to the crowd about the growing usage of the web by companies and people that don't have technical expertise themselves

The delivery system included for the server was a C-Series Mac Pro, which Gilbert emphasised is fairly rare these days for personal production use as we're seeing more and more people augment their personal workload with dedicated servers.

He also acknowledged the rise in remote labouring:

"Those little guys were not around in 2004-2005, now all the creative services companies that seemed impossible just a year ago are being done quickly. I call that LTV in PR could be 60 in some instances and just look at why but you could not have guessed it."

The specifications for the mac mini are limited though, with Gilbert saying the current generation can support 4GB of RAM, 2TB of available bandwidth and a dual-core Intel processor.

Lightning fast data rates are also supported by the system. This will certainly appeal to those needing to transfer large files from one system to another.

Apple's description of the M1 network section includes this:

"4G Ethernet is the fastest way to connect to the server. Our hardware has second-generation MIMO

• 64-bit server of up to three times faster than what uses Wi-Fi alone to connect between 5

whereas, standard 802.11b/g networks use Bronze, which closely matches the speed of

Wi-Fi. We specifically designed our MIMO hardware to engage in the fastest and

quietest communications between the public and data centres worldwide. Such

connectivity, applied across our network, bring both a huge personal benefit to customers, but also

enables us to deliver the fastest, most reliable wireless networks to millions of users.

Another unique element of our Mac mini server is its ability to run the Giant Squid RAID mode, a mandatory requirement to use M1 with Intersil's IT-equipment."

Although an Azure cloud service