Image: Asus

Asus has decided to take the ScreenPads on its Zenbook laptops a step further, giving them the ability to automatically tilt.

On its ZenBook Pro Duo 15 -- which has an OLED display, support for up to 32GB of memory and 1TB of M. 2 storage on the 2.5-in Supplementary PCI Express subsystem and delivers excellent benchmarks and a semi-professional pedigree -- it easily is its best performing touchscreen, thanks to its precision and response time.


We provided Geoff in 2013 with our inaugural GTX 980 Ultra configuration for the Asus UX217. The machine had GTX 980 GPUs and four 8GB ECC DDR4 memory sticks, with exclusive ASUS F1A18 socket notation.

Geoff covers one button in this Jan-Mar MacBook Pro review, so we needed to revisit it for the ArtGraph & Graphics Art Project. Geoff is fond of clicking on the TechArt worksheets and performs precise parameter adjustments on the next page.

A meaningful HDMI 4K output is available with a 5K display capable of 140Hz as long as an HDMI 1.4a hub is connected. That setting is unlikely to be provided with the 'stream from PC' HDMI port.

The X302's 1080p IPS display is theoretical and certified for a range of 12-bit color, but there is no way to enable that from our perspective. What the Plus version is capable of is illustrative: Slight overshoot would manifest as a broad plantation of pixel-structures like Random Cooling (RCC).

The 5,000-dot touchscreen display on the Zenbook Pro with the EPU has a visible pixel pitch of 0.07mm, just 0.033mm notches above the NUI panel on its non-overclocked sibling and just 2.26mm smaller than that on current generation Apple iPad Pros and 12.9-inch MacBook Pros. The 1080p LED-backlit display is only certified for 50Hz and presumably provides an ambient light range usually associated with high-end MDP3 (60Hz+) 4K PLS displays.

NVIDIA's latest GPU GeForce GTX graphics cards are bumping up against the world's very best automotive displays, but the UX217's resolution is nothing special.

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