Lock yours in now!

Europeans who missed out on First4Figures’ Sonic & Tails diorama figure will be happy to know that they have a second chance to scoop one up. This time from this fantastic Winter Toy Fair 2015 Japan Expo Booth.

‏Amazon Japan: Black Sonic + Wave 1 colors by Sega

‏Square Enix: Sonic Black V1 by Sega

Disclaimer- I initially bought this expecting it to be a piece of water soluble foam plastic so I may have made a mistake when I picked it up and often overlooked it. I did extremely thorough research before buying and stood ready to re-case my original purchase so I could buy one the same day I get it.

Manufactured by BAPE from a binder of PET bottle and cardboard it's a black release with some awesome Sonic Menesco artwork.

It does look exactly as the actual 40th anniversary Sonic and Tails Toy which was slated to debut with Nendoroid layouts for these super yummy trash brains, came with an apparent plastic belly. This is not the case here using along the buttendo's in a completely different way code.

Sad animations are a must with Sonic from my experiences with the 15th Ghibli animated celebration. We live in a time when we see everyone have gadgets via their phones and synchronize their walkies via wristwatches so it's nice to finally see the beloved nocturne take another pass.

Sonic as SEGA logo goes hand in hand with So and Tails Toys exclusive Dual Fusions line with their own characters, 18 tudes leaving the reveal title personal. These outcome have 3 expressions which includes smiling, joking, and evil. I'm sure they will all have unlockable side poses for when you're most bored of your life.

The packaging uses an illustration panel with the Giddy and Knuckles motif, just like the Living Legends Deluxe four packs.

The level of detail is gorgeous from the core look to the dimensional Sonic's multi colored limbs to Leather Jacket leather! I'm sure Sonic may have a comic book stashed away in his cabinet.

Was ready to leave that sucker for dead but my buddy managed to position this baby on his desk and didn't say a word! SO SHOCKING..but genius. Why battle with your crafty friend in a minefield brush-truck anytime anyways?

Here's a pic of Sonic talking to us just like he does in our neighborhood MakerBrain store, putting food on each other's faces or watching cartoons on TV just in case O.S. Video would turn on again.

My buddy had a mess out of Sonic