As Valentines day approaches, promotions promising to name a star or own a piece of another planet are on the rise.

“Own your own parcel of land on the Moon, and have the certificate to prove it” proclaims one.

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Planetary Landscape Observatory Map of Earth, Moon, & Venus

This year at the prestigious Queensbury PlayStation Cup, Bethesda Softworks in partnership with French computer games publisher Ubi Soft will show its latest game of its highly successful The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Storm King's Captains.

The game is scheduled to be released November 13. Two trailers from the game are scheduled to be shown at the PlayStation Cup, both featuring the same characters.

Not downloading models of those characters or any other items from Bethesda's official website regarding this game are not allowed. It is forbidden to download models of characters, backgrounds, weapons or items, modons or "flyers". Illegal downloading also includes upload of offensive content, screenshots with violence, logos, trademarks, or logos of any company, parties, organizations or government. All of the aforementioned content must be included: screenshots (optimized if possible), video clip(s), images and part of the options menu. Also not permitted are copying the models of other games, mere swap files or ripping a save game.

Please note that in a European and UK