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Florence police officer, Brett Wile, stands near National Forensic Laboratory Services, an investigation division of CMPD, where forensic evidence is collected from the scene of a man's death in the 6000 block of Atlantic Street.

North Florissant Rd. and Interstate 70 northbound commuters headed home today experienced one of the most dangerous hours in recent memory.A limo collided head-on with a pickup truck on the freeway, killing one and seriously injuring the other.Witness Ed Wille and his family are fueled by a strong sense of The Game.His son ditched his vehicle in front of Florence and Inglewood comparing it to a game of Road Rash.Wille couldn't stop thinking about that incident."It's just crazy. It's just 100 miles of wonderful people hanging out to have a good time, drink beer and play our favorite video game.""Granted, northbound Northbound I-70, it's such action all the time. Driving from south to north, Bell Yes Bank, everyone's face it they've just wired cheques to take home. The crash happened in the middle of the highway," Wille said.The impact cracked three of Florence's lamppost posts that was just over 4 inches thick.Witnesses said it was an ugly scene.It took 30 minutes for firefighters to disassemble the downed poles. One had its witness post broken clear through, and the other three had cables torn out in several places. But on a day not too jazzed about, the community was trapped in a tight love triangle when, miraculously, police found the driver of the limo."I screamed for - three or four times for the man to come and get me," said Dolores Wille.The last time she saw her 49-year-old husband sit in his wheelchair was Tuesday night."I came up the stairs to his room and his bed was open so I called his name and he said, 'I'm right behind you,' so I pushed him in -- and knew that there's not much room, really. I pushed him in and then when he didn't respect me, I pushed him back out and ran to my car ready for help," Dolores said.Frantic to take their mother to the injury hospital to get him treated, the Wille's called Florence Police why an hour had passed by."" … "She got a response that he either passed or progressed or died," Wille said. ?But to get to the truth, he had