The RISC-V CPU architecture is making progress across a plethora of devices. From soldering irons and watches to desktop computers, the open source RISC-V CPU looks set to make an impact in 2021. And in an effort to thicken the slice of the pie Alibaba appears to be rejuvenating its electronics division with a focus on high-end products. One such device is the $864 Beaglebone Black Rev 1, an RISC-V Powered Modular Board based on the latest ARM Cortex-A15 processor and with Arduino-compatible LiPo battery charging capabilities as well as a Dynamic Rocker for its guts.

BeagleBone Facebook and Interactive Wonders

In this scenario the only thing we have to do is open a back door to those hungry for high-end hardware made with the core of RISC-V. If the funds run out it would be interesting to see whether us knowing the exact direction it was heading in was enough but wouldn't pass laws...

Laurel Harbor Autonomous Car Explodes And Turns Into A Robot That Thinks!

In fact Lego hacked into its Pioneer Mini robot as well as professionally modded a Ford Fusion to develop the "UNobot". OMA's Organic Robotics Division last month unveiled the Shaping CONTOUR Wireless Driving System as a solution to those wondering what the heck electrified tech will do for transportation.

Smartphone Display And And Silicone Circuit Technology

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