Additional information about the 2020 ACM Fellows, as well as previously named ACM Fellows, is available through the ACM Fellows site .

The contributions of the 2020 Fellows run the gamut of the computing field―including algorithms, networks, computer architecture, robotics, distributed systems, software development, wireless systems, and web science–to name a few.

Under each ACM membership category, approximately 15% of the Fellows will be women.

Representing over 170 countries, fewer than 2% of 2019 ACM Fellows are from America, where women account for only 30% of college graduates. The 2018 STEM Fellowship has already awarded over $5 million in direct grants to women deserving of financial resources (see below).

The organization established the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASPP) Award at its 2018 special meeting​.

The parallel copyright scheme and fair use doctrine are in alignment with the Computer and Communications Industry Association ( CCIA ), which seeks to benefit employees and the community by understanding contract law and copyright infringement or account sharing. The partnership has an outreach deal with the Museum of small inventions.

Anti-Semitic incidents in Germany have picked up over the past year, according to an official report published Wednesday, the latest indicator of an intensifying onslaught by far-right groups throughout Europe.

The "Gehrum Report," compiled by HALT-Iran and published by the European Jewish Congress, compared 2015 data to information dating back to 2014. Its 47-page report states that 2014 was a particularly painful year because of a number of online disturbing videos that spread virally, like a Facebook protest video with slogans mocking Jews and Israel.

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"Colleges and universities, including many in Bavaria and Stein passes, saw much of the 'unfortunate fallout' that can be expected with an increased anti-Semitic discourse," says a description accompanying the report.

Nine anti-Semitic incidents were reported to the police in 2015 but that number has risen steeply since last year. In 2013 there were just seven.

A kilogram of spinach that was mistakenly labelled as ham was one of the most explicit incidents of anti-Semitism to follow last fall, when a 14-year-old boy tipped off the media with doctored photos purporting to depict halal meat. Soon he was sentenced to three months in prison.

There were 132 violent anti-Semitic attacks in 2014, the report says. The number of online anti-Semitic incidents jumped 50 percent to 23, a number that is expected to surpass 285 this year.

"With over three million [refugees] and an internal refugee crisis, Germany suffered a record influx of Jews," says the report.

To combat the rise in reported anti-