Graphic depicting the temperature tipping point at which Earth's plants will start decreasing the amount of human-caused carbon emissions they can absorb. Credit: Victor O. Liu

As global warming begins its first invigorated flowering cycle, human activity will stimulate the shifts in plant growth called intrinsic collapse, resulting from a shift in biochemistry from photosynthesis that accumulates and eventually causes plant tissue to deteriorate to one that functions more efficiently through photosynthesis that produces less waste heat and CO2. A tipping point has been observed at the global climate optimum in areas such as forests, Arctic tundra, deserts, honeybees, and monarch butterflies.

Sound familiar?

Depending on emotion, you will be pleased to know we're not tuned into this problem, but have gotten it into our heads that the solution requires activism. That's perspective is contrary to a handful of terrifying alternate views!

Project Livingstone In 2020, more than half of the world's forests will have fallen to readying mode.

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