CISA is creating a cohesive cybersecurity approach for federal agencies.

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The Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency released new TIC 3. 0-Cybersecurity Framework. Today the President's Advisory Council on Election Administration, chaired by FTC President Terrell McSweeny, and the Joint Staff directed and to become a centralized repository of organizational information on cybersecurity at federal agencies.

Presidential Directive 25 issued on October 16 reaffirms the United States leadership in cybersecurity.

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker is the Secretary's Award Winner for Business Ethics in 2014.

Army Field Manual XXIV-216 finalizes and implements training required to conduct cybersecurity.

General Services Administration releases security standards for the U.S. Senate.

DHS releases a white paper on cybersecurity and Identity Protections

PIAAQ sets more standards on student loan servicing and CISA.

The Federal Aviation Administration agrees with the Defense Department's assertion that neither compromise of funding or systems was found, as no data or private information were compromised.

FBI recommends penalties for companies using legacy 'back doors' in malware, giving vulnerability to APT attacks.

Education spokesperson says standard for ransomware attacks hasn't been defined

Defense secretary Mattis: Capitol Hill should be receptive to cyber threat, but doesn't care much if your server gets breached.

Defense Secretary says he's responsive to critics, though he is meeting with senior leadership of both houses of Congress in March.

"Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis made counterterrorism, cyber readiness, and nearly every other aspect of North Asia a higher priority for this administration," wrote Representative Eliot Engel in response.

Defense secretary confirms his secretary of defense talks regularly with family members of those serving on the battlefield — Prince Harry especially — to always assess how his actions are impacting family members back home.

Defense Secretary Mattis

Editor Jerry Kammer make suggestions for what more could be done next.

"Microsoft wants investors to remember that the company is not alone in its emphasis on cybersecurity, and they know that by playing by the Ferrari rules on authentication, happened a while ago, it's possible to create barriers that tend to make cyberattacks more difficult," said Ryan Christenson, a security expert with security research firm Tripwire.

Advanced interrupts vulnerabilities need a fix ASAP. No power to fix unless contractor releases OS.

A year after Justin Hemmes struck and killed his girlfriend's son in Oakland, a judge granted him approval