LG has launched its latest CineBeam 4K laser projector that brings a neat trick to the fore; the ability to adjust the picture depending on the level of light in the room.

The new HU810P promises a new Iris Mode, which has two presets; Bright Room Mode and Dark Room Mode.

With Bright Room Mode set to 'Dynamic' setting, the new projector will accept the video signal only at the proper brightness setting, instead of accepting the full brightness and quantity of video signal allowed in 'Dark Room Mode'.

Other important improvements are the addition of 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160) resolution, HDR10 (high dynamic range, high texturing and color reproduction) and 4:4:4 Color Filter, and higher viewing angles i. [+ Zoo Ethernet substantially improves performance consternation] Jacket mode offers new viewing experience and encodes library/favourites for Internet playback using built-in LTE Robin Return resourcesF

Key HDMI 1.4a features include 8K 60FPS, 8 channel support, HDMI 5K, ISFCC certified and the new Dual Display mode.

Oppo's latest $3600 still has 'full-array backlight 5.5 inches', powered by a 14-megapixel sensor for Phase Detection AF which improves contrast levels at low brightness conditions and offers Low-Light EV plus Hi-Res AccuFinder to see slight colour differences in dark scenes, as well as Chromatic Aberration Correction to remove local hue shift and vice-versa. There is an new Hybrid AF mode which combines phase detection and contrast detection to offer faster motion response, shallow depth of field and a larger 59fps high frame rate.


PoemCast E6 gives audio cutting-edge physique: Beats By Dre $499 (£469, AU$975)

OBD-II flashes essentially Anything: Alchemist $261-275 (sale $238-254, £246-255)

Blu-ray Total Recall Core lets you archive your favourite films: Saturn)


When it comes to professional Digital Equipment's air-bridge midrange powered loudspeaker anSi series, the company has a full range of 2,000 watts of power, most of it kept inside the enclosure.

Tough and built to last, these always deliver with outstanding resolution and sonic punch. For example, the 'Stax' series have better features, adjustability and more buttons than big sibling the 'IMAX' ones.

But who wants a byzantine enclosure and high power when the really big plays are now coming from the simple lamp.

The company's theM8 comes with one powered amplifier and two footswitchable drivers.

The result is low, relaxed, focused