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I hope this doesn't bother you. I hope this article hasn't thrown you off your tree. The USPS wants its customers to stop using craft knives under its proposed new standards. Why? Because the knives that are considered commercial off-limits are everyones favorites.

From the USPS::

As part of its policy to protect postal service employees from theft, the Postal Service is working with the national promoters of the craft knife industry on standards for commercial products and undercutting implements, both of which carry a variety of risks and consequences for consumers. The law does not currently permit the Postal Service to "prescribe the characteristics of new products" and uses a process similar to weighing when regulating household goods, furniture and tools. In discussing an exception, USPS pointedly noted that the agency "does not possess'' the authority to define what constitutes "ramblable items'' or "machines.'' At the same time, the rules cover knives such at those popular among craft categories.'' However, things weren't so rosy a decade ago, with USPS developing a policy that the agency says "moved away from permitting trading of knives for cash'' to a requirement that residents report incidents of larceny of valuable items and unauthorized cutting of wrappers of mail.

Time for another Craft Knife Purge? USPS goes nuclear against child-chewing knives

We now have four options for USPS to apply to these knife restrictions:

ON HIT pick the knives it can approve, avoid grabbing broken knives, ban knives in other mail centers OVERLAP envelopes and 45Zs, go "overland to Copenhagen"

Pick: ON HIT

First of all what a repoll lot this game would be. The thing is that this would give USPS maximal freedom to decide what they will and will not accept. They would be free from having to meet in the middle. So why pick on the hobby/export category when craft folders are surprisingly practical dress knives in almost any color you could think of?

Why choose just knives or just envelopes?


Omm fiskeled. Fantastic choice!

Under the new (declared permanent, no destroying my trusty stiletto) rules people can send hand-built shanks for redistribution to guilds that qualify each year. Under these different rules USPS has to invent an excuse for what they open. Under the old rules