Project Hazel is a multi-use smart mask is classified as an N95 medical-grade masks with Smart Pods that filter at least 95% of airborne particles along with a high fluid resistance. However, it doesn’t stop there. Really, it can be used in a wide range of applications, like screening for tuberculosis, hiding listening devices of bombs or double-checking machine compliance through the noise.

Cable / Internet of Things

Various companies are promoting IoT and have cautioned about privacy. People's lifestyle ahead care about appliances, including household print and chip manufacturing. Inspectors and policy-makers from several companies say that they are working on systems to monitor the health of their devices. Updating and defending against breaches in IoT also seems to be a hot topic.

SilverString Labs

A web-based communications platform that makes it easy to conduct web-based conversations, communications with hardware and software. The platform integrates with an IoT SDK for device controllers.

Erase Pen

A drawing, erasing, tracing and building sealant tool that conveniently fits in the palm of the hand.

Intellitar Smart Pen

This smart pen has a large Wacom digitizer and a redesignable pen component for customization. This ink-based push pen provides an array of features backed by product warranty. Comes with a lose for quick disconnecting for safe use.


A computer that "connects" gadgets to make it easy.

E ecosystem

Various communication, camera / motion, sensors, sensors, geo and robotics, cloud services, machines, networking and hosting platforms. How is IoT disturbing your web experience and disruption of your business? What on-market products do you use to network or automate computers with IoT capabilities?

Google is losing its faith in password security.

After discovering an exploit back in September, Kaspersky Lab has discovered that the search giant has been shipping software to machines worldwide with a mistake that leaves users open to hack.

An attacker could send technique to thousands of machines at once, masking a malicious attack, and then impersonating the targeted number to make the call. In order to complete the attack, the investigator still has to spend time infiltrating the tech company by gathering information on the target.

On a system with one account, the investigator would need to spend about 20 minutes to reach the ultimate hacker before he can access the main account, explicitly also relative to the time it would take the company to compensate the family of victim willing to earn a second job in order to ensure its reimbursement.

"This practice is totally unacceptable from an IT security point of view," Moritz Rump, Chief Security Architect, Kaspersky Lab