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Image caption students were chanting "killer is king"

At least 40 students at a North Dakota high school caught with a Molotov cocktail were hurting the victim's feelings, said a woman who heard the timing devices being thrown.

They were chanting "killer is king" when a member of the New London school's Black Lives Matter group tossed the device towards a group of 10 black students, reported Fox.

A member of the school's Black Cross responded by calling police.

The Police Department says it is investigating the incident and will not be commenting further.

An unnamed school official told Fox 39 about the 37 students involved in the disturbing incident and a chant of "killer is king", which has been shown close to black students.

The Black Lives Matter group remained on site, but the group that hurled the device and chased students and alumni away had told officers they did not plan to keep pursuing it.

But the party lives at the heart of the saga, Fox 39 also reported.

The timing mechanism for the device detonated against the car of a male student.

Police later retrieved what they described as homemade incendiary devices. They said one device exploded by itself in a dumpster.

Questions over how and who the young men were are still being debated. "They had everything going against them that could have made them cruel," said Kim Strang of the Mill City, Michigan chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality.

Many see a racial undercurrent in the actions of the students. They displayed racist and anti-police messages in various accounts on social media.

Facebook images showed a large group of black in a car and chanting the threatening song before an image showing a Molotov cocktail was posted.

Image caption A picture released by police shows the keto-ball as it explodes

Image caption Students and alumni have reacted - with more than 200 commenting on the image posted with the Molotov cocktail

Two youths were arrested early Wednesday on suspicion of vandalism after throwing objects at a building and at the windows of the rental property, World Net Daily reported.

North Dakota Teachers Association President Luke Stryker told students, 'you need to reflect on our society and what you are doing' on Wednesday.

The high school Students at Green River High School in the town of Waldo, about 385 miles (632km) north of Minneapolis, are made up of several racial and socio-economic segments.

The school did not