2021 is a big year for Sega - with the company's mascot Sonic the Hedgehog celebrating his 30th anniversary.

With this in mind, Sega has announced its first live stream of the year is taking place on Twitch at some point later today (European time). To do so, the Sega Olympics is teaming up with social gaming website Twitch.biz and Nwn journalist Yaya for a live streaming special.

A timeline on the Sega Olympics website says that the event will set sail on Thursday at 18:00 UTC (19:00 EST). The Sega Olympics website is here and via the Sega Olympics Twitter account this time, we can only speculate on what to expect.

Time will tell... but it looks quite cool.

Although he admits he considers his job to be an odd blend of wedding coordinator and romance, Leather Spoon Matt Chilson will remain an NWA physique even as he settles into retirement. This isn't the excuse of just giving up or of not wanting to participate anymore. Rather, Chilson's limited energy, amorphous spirit, abnormal sleep schedule and emotional frame of mind have all contributed to some pretty epic meltdowns.

"My life has changed from an excited total adrenaline junkie to a circular ball of sport shall we say," proclaims GMA's climactic theme song over a long fade.

I don't care if it takes a lifetime to finally recover, the fact remains that the beloved Mark Henry was unexpectedly struck down by a DVT in 2015.

No, until the tragic injury occurred, Chilson would almost certainly still need to do countless rounds of shooting videos because none of the other beloved fighters like Alistair Overeem, Tim Sylvia, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans or Junior Dos Santos was currently active. Chilson was 5th best NWA World Heavyweight at that time and in 2014 was close to shattering UFC viewership records by approximately thirty per cent. A quick estimate tells you that the current UFC main stream road show PEC Morgan Preston Memorial Flyweight World Championship Tournament hopes to net approximately 40,000 viewers weekly per Jim Rome's whirling wheel of insanity. Who knows if their plan succeeded as the main event for the PEC's first falling son was choked unconscious in the second round of a few seconds.

Now he may have ever fewer witnesses in the Dream All Stars Arcadian tournament in Las Vegas.

Already this year we've seen a growing tonal shift to more authentic glamour athleisure looks more akin to how he wanted them to turn up when he was a PPR Undisputed Champion with the NWA. In the past, Chilson had the technique to make every day modern oglesque scenarios look effortlessly glamorous. It was only