SEOUL— Samsung Electronics Co. ’s newest smartphones feature improved cameras, display functions for weary eyes and stylus compatibility. The S8 and S8+ smartphones feature a combination of the company's first- and second-generation curved super AMOLED displays, typically five times as bright as previous panels in the same size as the standard panel, and its experimental Hi-Vision display featuring superior contrast. Samsung introduced upgraded camera module hardware like a 12-megapixel rear camera, while the front-facing camera sported a better stabilization system than that of the S7. Fast charging and water resistant will be standard features in the Galaxy S8.

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With similar dimensions to the Galaxy S7 Max, the 32GB S8 retains the new modular design and eSIM tray for wire and USB cable addition as a regular S7. However, the S8 packs a larger 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display and an improved resolutions of 2560 x1440 pixels across the majority of the smartphone. It is purported to have the best color saturation among the Android-based smartphones released this year, including the S7, S7 Edge, Note 7, P9, P10 Tablets, LG V20, and its already scrapped, and now discontinued hybrid S8+. The S8 is available for preorder now, at $689.99 in the US.

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The dual-camera front-facing module has been enhanced with a higher pixel density of 1.12 microns and increased them are near see through full-screen color filters with camera flash. The camera interface will have some noise reduction, and an automatic HDR mode will play a different video-recording filter based on its sunny or cloudy weather conditions.

Users can then record the 960-by-540 resolution video filling the 8.9-inch display, full resolution 640-by-360 resolution video for capturing videos at standard-definition viewing distance, or as a low-resolution 640-by-480 video for telephoto shots (relative to the S7, around a mile away). Low-light videos can be slowed down, and they've adjusted the video recording rates for decent results and as 8Mbps during the daytime and 4 Mbps during the night. They are using f/1.7 aperture with phase-detection, laser autofocus/tracking.

S8 Models for North America

North America S8 model to be announced (6/1) S8, 32GB, octa-core CPU Samsung Exyn