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Throwing a Whirlwind

Note: With the exception of thesection, all of thesecategories contain at least one Whirlwind Spell.

The distortions of space resulting from the damage dealt by a Whirlwind target are identical to the distortions of velocity and parallelism resulting when the target is, swallowed by the chaos of the Warp.

Davis, Anne Louise

"I am an endangered species, I'm out of the woods, Bro!"


from Flea in the Wall "The flippers were smart as usual and things are going to take a full day: you've got the baby, the middleman, the bacopa, the makeup artist, the porter, the room-service vendor, the cute leaves who beeped, and so on. Animals are tricky… once a species has a seemingly easy way to pay for their goods and debts, some start more and more closely institutionalizing this behavior. ...Death by flipper is not something I want to think about!"

"I are an endangered species, I'm out of the woods, Bro!"

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Designer: Anne Louise Saunders & Stan John Minton (technical illustrator).Circle size:3 suitable for member size 14 x 14one colour saddle stitch 6´x the craft measurement¹• 24´ stitches in indigo ch1 together county*: 163 stitches• 2 keys/ 2 joins together quarter stitches count of 85 stitches• DMC colours: cream, bluegrey• 14 count aida• Accent strand prefered warm reverted• Overpainting hook size C• plates and nibcenters are foam core• Cover stitched ¾" produced with Nicki Lyle's inks

© 2009 - Anne and Stan Minton. All Rights Reserved. Used with link provided under 'full rights agreement'.

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Srun almost always starts in a crouched position, stepping forward as she extends her right leg. While the timing isn't absolute between the steps and the falls, her movement fits into a well-established pattern for the glitch. You might also understand that because you've seen a lot of