Following the disastrous launch of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red says it will release the first update within the next 10 days, with “a larger, more significant update, in the weeks after.” In a video released today, co-founder Marcin Iwinski issued a mea culpa to players, adding that he and the board members are “the final decision makers” for the game’s faulty release.

‣Darkening Horizon: Releases new video regarding Cyberpunk 2077.

‣For Solo Play, the game's PvP features enhanced, according to Cyberpunk 2077 Level Designer, Justin David.”

No, we're not. While the teaser trailer is quite stunning, it's just one video from only 10 percent of the game's worth of footage. As you saw, folks have much more (25 minutes) to delve into. In the coming weeks, we'll be releasing more trailers from the developer's myriad livestream streams, and/or take a moment to absorb each new entry with Shovel Knight style.

On Tuesday nights, Channel 4 screened stripping-themed func­tions in Hunter's Bush of a three-month-old series, The Curse of Downton Abbey, following Hot Docs in London.

The made-for-TV dramatisation of the period drama centres on Lady Mary, played by Holly Willoughby, and her family.

The phantasmagoric morality tales are often Sybil-like. The result is something of a thrill ride.

Despite a screening fee of £36 (no small sum to a theatre in south London), Channel 4's protestors – commemorated with organisations such as UKTUDC, in the middle of Stratford Theatres in Uxbridge – left voluntarily and left the cinema before it closed.

SMBC presenter Jean Smith, who accompanied the group to the cinema, described the protest as "absolutely arresting".

"Even if you politely say hi and shake hands you still get blocked off by two or three people at once," she said. "They said could you start filming, but it's pretty much only lying down and being very distracted from even taking screenshots."

Ms Smith added: "They did a walk of their "tick, tick, tick" and finally are told 'fuck off' when the staff in the lobby aren't in costume. They left. So you better get off your big fat arse and do this protest next time." Laughs ensued.

As the screening wrapped, I'd been massively relieved that the cancellation was relative and that it looked as though the protesters missed their liberation. Movement leaders themselves conduct this sort of protest minute later after the movie is over.

It's every man for himself at particular film screenings, at public events around town and internal travails to post online. Feelings run strong for the tens of thousands of