Save this picture! The view from V’s apartment, the player’s starting home base in Cyberpunk 2077. Image © CD Projekt Red

Q: Will you be integrating modding in the future?

We will definitely be looking at ways to make your home even more cyberpunk as time goes on. In terms of modding tools that I can know of that developers are using, you can have three instances running in parallel – a lobby, game and map – which allows you to make anything, from the kind of encounter you see in the game to more complicated stuff like making a zone for your own mod team to use. You get all the functionality, and you get your own uniquely played copy to share with your mod family, and potentially make them come over to you. It also frees you up from having to handle the more high-level server features in the game themselves.

Q: Is there anything else your team could tell us about the next patch?

Kotaku: Ten days from now?

Martin Iwinski: Maybe. Earlier this year people reached out saying, "Are you gonna fix the UI? That thing..."

Kelly Bailey: The event system has some fixing to do, too. The goblin cannon is broken again. People called for the event system to work with the example mod, but it doesn't. That would be neat.

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Q: Gothic will be on Xbox One: will PS4 and PC be getting Gothic too?

It's something we really want to do and is something that Griffith Denhner himself, who is overseeing both games for CD Projekt, is pretty passionate about. There will be Goth on Xbox One, of course, but also Gothic is coming to PlayStation 4.

Q: Is there anyway you'd like to be associated with the PS4 version?

Q: When will Cyberpunk be becoming a fully fledged franchise?

Martin Iwinski: The first game came out the same year as The Witcher 3. Gothic had the opportunity to be part of that franchise over the years, which was very cool to say "Yeah, you guys really are part of GWENT and Cyberpunk!" But either the big publisher bought it or everything blew up. So we're following Bethesda's lead, who have DLC happening on their store 24/7. Part of our plan is make things stop blowing up on that next generation. It's all about planning what we're going to do next, so we never can go