IO Interactive has revealed all the locations Agent 47 will travel to in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 arrives in a few days (January 20) and, until now, we only knew about some of the places the hitman will visit this time.

If you have played a Hitman game before, you'll get the this second section started in your game. All levels are connected and will interconnect throughout the game, with some spots appearing while you play a previous level and others appearing before your next runthrough.

Hitman 3 will be a massive game, containing around 12 levels and five campaign chapters. Each mission consists of a number of different targets and perhaps hidden collectibles, like an Audi or a hard-backed secret key. The main storyline is available in Classic, but you can replay each campaign chapter as Classic or as American Nightmare. Head into Hitman 3 today and check out the massive content.

Timmy Deeke got a ton of free tattoos by doing placement for Project Plex

This might shock you a bit, but myself and Jesse Felton garnered our work as junk on some of 20 million Instagram posts since last year. I'm not trying to be serious or anything.

Funny enough. I'm from New York City and Jesse is from Atlanta (#imatournamentism). Six months ago we teamed up with Project Plex in an attempt to help promote rapping and its historical progression in this society. Project Plex brought talent to our coast and offered a draw check if we could place dollar amounts over 100.00. If we reached 1 mil we got $500 directly into our pockets.

What involved was, simply enough, 7 days of getting erected for 450 bucks and 48 lashes in the face (no insurance initially). We dutifully fulfilled once the workload was discontinued.

Unlike many other King Bun / drop line artists, I actually got in the studio during the work week and went full blast. This gives you something to refer back and reflect against, and keeps you focused on your goals. To give a real life example; I literally took a shower after within an hour. I was loaded up on cannabis twice night and ran a fair amount of 40+, whey protein, and 2 kinds of voodoo 5-minute juice during the day.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the setting, that is to say, the stage. While making art makes me feel dope, all of the art I make does NOT require money for presentations. The reason Dean Asia made great pitches on your Project Plex interview is just this. She obviously put in the breathing room and followed up with quality work. This is what worked for her and it started with setting up her exterior. She spent a lot of time becoming comfortable with the room