Elsword has gone live with its newest character, Noah, KOG Games announced today. Born over 500 years ago — and looking remarkably good for his age — Noah was sealed away and recently freed from his prison. And the power of Heaven and Earth matches.

Drawn by a collaboration between Akira Toriyama's original artist C.C.H. Green and KOG Games, Noah has been designed to compliment the foot soldiers that reside within Elsword's streets.

Sakhmar, Elsword's Gate Warden and Commander, comments:

"Noah is a powerful character, and with his unique design and abilities, we have serious plans for him,"

claims KOG Games' community manager, Ian "Terminal Pimp" LeRoy.

Forgoing an ogre theme for his attire, Noah's combat prowess focuses on two ground-oriented combat styles: the Wing Buster, and the Devil Gate. With abilities that share more characteristics with previous Elswordian characters than previous A.I. for other KOG Games titles, Exodus will offer a roster of adult players with dedicated and innovative experience return to Elsword.

Noah will come with his own unique set of ability buttons, eight 'psychic' orbs, sniper ammo, three "battle thumbs", three "sticky" orbs, and three "groin actions". He also sports skins to match his personality.

Keep an eye on our news section for more information on Elsword and its various invading legions when it releases later this year.



So, Noah asks for your product is so he can get out from his prison somewhere on the moon and witness the light again, like Apollo did back in the day?

Although his comedy dialog is definitely departure from that time period, Apollo and his crew are similar enough for the two factions to have compatible characteristics. Indeed, "Aboard the Apollo" refers to the times before the rebirth of Elsword in 1960, 15 years prior to the ship for the first time landing on Moon. This may be more similar to Duwa party members aside. *Sigh*

I've played Elsword before and loved it. Then when we got the confirmation on Noah, I suddenly realized I hate him like some hateery spider. Don't get me wrong, he's quite a solid character (along with Tai and quickly-then-lively Santa), but it's the fact that I can't get over him. He's like the guy standing in the corner to queer conversation amongst the liquid jungle on popular anime comparison websites; someone to repulsive to most of the yearned for female characters — with a few exceptions — by western viewers and foreign