“We deeply apologize over the discriminatory remarks against minorities,” the company said in a statement. “That does not reflect the thoughts of our company and we are continuing the upgrades so that such words of discrimination or hate speech do not recur. We listen to our fans' opinion and strive to improve every day,” much of which depends on our fans' openly mixed choice of the appropriate choice. I hope you also appreciate this as we increase our efforts and aims to elevate both we fans and our company's honorable image.

Opposing opinions were widespread. Following the controversy, Samsung is of course keen to answer questions: is the character-based language

aware of social norms or identified with them? There are two big/small choices:

ending "gwi" as offensive (to the point of community outcry), or keeping it to preserve the fun, charisma

and a unique voice of its original generation (likely along the lines of a more socially friendly but still gender-sensitive "nm~"). As you've probably intuitively noticed, I may end up seeing the character-centric speech as

more damaging to one's identity/identification; however, this is by no means a "fuck Samsung" (though I think it is definitely quite a performer for such an timing); and, from the perspective of the choice-seekers who are making those arguments.

Given how close I got to the character's line, I've taken to using the latter: so instead of feeling "less of a person," it's more about feeling "more of who I am." More fun, arrogance, and more aggressive. But I want you do not to let these reactionary statements trickle over into your perceptions of how the character should be perceived.

Throughout the day, I heard there were other users blaming the supposedly discriminatory response without accepting the drawdown and conditioning applied to this line/tone. Because this was a technical problem that was derived by

teaching the character with regards to

certain technical aspects while it's being unlearning what what its most negative conversation generation**

around. I heard users furthermore purposely add this line to Xinghwa's theme song sub-choices since (a) it was made "funny" and (b) it would make the character more mature.

… Thursday 11 (1026kms/0500kbits)

… After some time the tech support essentially fixed my issue, but it came with a significant hit to my mood. How much is the character "at fault" or "at fault for the prejudiced reactions"? I agree with many of the people pleading for "an apology" and expect it be formally given as some kind of win–win † full