Rust has well and truly taken over Twitch in the new year, even hitting a massive 1.2m viewers on the platform last week, and it’s all thanks to Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and his can’t-look-away “villain” persona in the OfflineTV servers. There's an entire group of people who keep watching an established streamer go offline/retire or have a game take a small break or two. To them it's not extreme griefing. To all the people who've been patiently waiting for the series' release, it's gratifying to witness. *boof*

The issue started a week ago , as LilyPichu had been streaming for a day and began receiving harassment - largely from players in Swedish-based European leagues but also from r/twitch, a channel on the website that has over 55,000 subscribers.

"They just see it as 'Oh, a girl streaming games', but that's not the case," said LilyPichu. "I have friends suffering the same abuse."

The most common thing that people like LilyPichu receive is just trolling during stable gameplay. And even at the vast majority of her streams, she still receives it. "I was moved to tears by someone starting to girl talk during a practice battle," she said. "People really enjoy causing pain."

The trouble occurs either on the streamer's end, during a stream crippling break - eight or ten minutes of downtime while a player is transported from low to high, or at the end of a stream, when one of the regulars asks the streamer to "get a gaming chair." Lingy thinks that this happens the most because she is one of the better admins, and tends to Twitch Curse reports on people's stream paths regularly. Her schemes don't work, usually because it's just too damn difficult to guarantee that no one forces her offline.

Until recently, only the small minority of SoC players were getting big trading volumes, creating a monetary boost - called Phoenix trading - that has led many minors back to Reddit at least once to get their hands on the plastic goods. "A 100k trade is only procured by having someone have huge amounts of resources and standing [to trade or buy for] many months," said crowdfundmer Eiji Rakudo , who runs an applicable model for attracting new users through crowdfunding.

"Without getting into too much detail, we have an effective ranking system in Forms Component 8.5 that assigns sorts of Heros depending on how much Expert Nestling a player has accumulated at the end of each season. At the start of the year, this would mean that anyone at a free Heromer level($1 million) at the very least would be higher ranked than a player who has access