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Koei Tecmo and Team ninja have distributed a new trailer for Nioh 2 – Complete Edition the full PC version of this acclaimed action RPG adventure set in a dark version of feudal Japan in which we must face all kinds of demons and supernatural dangers.

The goal of this new video is show us all the technical features that bring with it this conversion from PlayStation 4 to computers, such as HDR monitor support, the ability to play both 60 and 120 images per second, customizable mouse and keyboard controls, controller and keyboard support support for 144hz, 4K and Ultra-wide monitors. Native PhysX support also takes the biggest step forward with support for NVIDIA's Vulkan.

What´s new in this new trailer…

Nioh 2 Complete Edition Features Tech Demo Video.

Larger, Darker, And More Alive!

We worked hard on the graphics which give life to an even more rich and immersive experience. Players can experience a dark and desolate version of Aomori just as it was over 200 years ago.

Nioh 2 Complete Edition's improved visuals are extremely realistic and dynamic with characters being much more detailed and vivid this time around. Stepping into a larger world of Aomori sets the stage completely to include an entire millennia catalogue of 159 detailed locales, agencies and campsites to explore.

Supported Monitor >High Attenuation 144hz

Nioh 2 Complete Edition's graphics sets the bar even higher. The RE Engine has been rebuilt to provide a higher level of graphics powered by NVIDIA's HDR scene specific multiplying effects. NVIDIA has also unlocked the 120fps cap across all supported graphics cards and will deliver 120fps on both 60 and 120 images per second across multiple monitor setups. High-definition screenshots can be taken with a standard camera with excellent detail and uniformity. You will even get first-hand experience of the game´s Dark Art with gamers will be amazed with how bright and detailed the world is built with the aid of Nioh 2´s HDR.

Nioh 2 Likelihood Extended To PC Players And More

Nioh is now available on PC via Steam for the best pc game experience. It´s also great to see today that developers has extended the chance for PC to run the game on high end NVIDIA graphics and there is no backing down on that so we are extremely happy to have the whole Nioh 2 Complete Edition on PC right now. So in actual fact, its your way to get the greatest version of this game that has ever existed.

Koei Tecmo´s Studio Osaka Team And The Main Man Of The "Ikari Warriors"

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Team Ninja and Nioh Games Corporation have also shared some video footage of the main artist, the artist Toshiharu "Toshiyuki" Nishimura. The artist narrates that in order to create Nioh it was his dream, and take on the task of making it so epic that it would receive multiple Oscars and they have succeeded.

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