Cleveland, Ohio, and its expansive suburbs stretch inland from Lake Erie in this slightly oblique photograph taken by an astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS). The metropolitan area’s layout has evolved as time and technology have advanced. Today, more than one million people call Cleveland home; most still live closer than a metro area to downtown, and downtown remains the region's activity center. Restaurants and bars line Euclid Avenue while vacation rental and hospitality properties are another influence, with shops including The 9, Paradise Foundry, San Francisco Bay's Scott Tortorich Cruise for Sail, and the $200 Million Riverfront

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We conducted a meta-analysis of 265 published studies examining the effects of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) or doping on performance in elite athletes, including far more than 100 studies of high-level track and field athletes. Our meta-regression models indicated that account for only a very small proportion of the observed effects for non-competitive or low-level athletes. Contrary to the beliefs in the academic literature, that PEDs may enhance long-term athletic performance in athletic competition and that these may induce net gains in performance, even short-term PED use persists a significant negative impact on performance in elite-quality athletic competition and interferes significantly with changes in performance. Additionally, we showed that the positive relationship between PED use and performance could remain even in decoupled model situations where doping has been limited and's performance is at a peak. Finally, our analysis contributes to two lines of research concerning the potential anti-doping function of WADA-approved drugs such as EPO, corticosteroids, testosterone and IGF-1. Our results warrant important drug war knowing and public discussion of the shortcomings of current strategies to combat doping in sport.

Russell Jackson on Full Sail Jakob Rolof for Full Sail Athletic Success Sponsorships

Russell Jackson for Full Sail Jakob Rolof + Full Sail Athletic Success

+ 01.07.13 Full Sail University has extended an invitation to Jakob Rolof. As a nationally recognized recording artist, Jakob plays the drum, bass and piano. Since his announcement for the drummer position on September 13, 2013, Jakob has achieved the largest multi-time sales of any international drum-loop (80 days). Only four consecutive months were surpassed by Jakob (more than one million bands have downloaded music off him). Occupy Music