Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph Baena has shared a new snap of the pair bike riding past a mural of the iconic bodybuilder.

Joseph Baena has shared a new snap while out for a bike ride with his famous father, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The US actor and his son toured the Monterey Peninsula in California before his 8th Las Vegas Invitational in the past few weeks.

The tattooed multi-lipt fighter, wearing dark jeans and a t-shirt, as he rides towards the mountains with green cycling shorts behind him, sported a broad grin on the photo posted by their dad.

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Arnold's son Joseph Baena, 23, has shared a new snap as he rode with his dad out for a ride on a mountain bike

The firm man smiles as he leads the off-the-bike ride with his doppelganger over his shoulder

Kenneth Trainor posted the snap on his friends' Facebook - thought his Father Arnold has 44 million followers on the social network

The actor smiled as he rode his bike, as Joseph took his hand

The self-confessed MMA fan sat two seats off SportyGB's Prop camera rider Johnny Cruz in the middle

Joseph appeared to be running a little slower as his son sat an arm's distance behind him, while the pair rode off in the direction of Santa Cruz

With a green jersey on, he wore a dark green scarf-print shirt and dark brown trousers, as he and his camera had him covered from the helmet.

Kenneth Trainor has posted the snap on his friend's Facebook page, calling Joseph 'Son Jai' and leaving a message of thanks.

The former star of Sylvester Stallone's Rocky, Arnold Schwarzenegger's adult daughter Maria Shriver and his son, Vincent, who lives in Macau.

Joseph described himself as 'a tiny dude that keeps it real and he loves skiing, beer and mixed martial arts.'

He has the nickname of the Fire Dragons from an episode of Dirty Harry - which was launched by his father - which means 'steel dragons'.

The tattooed multi-lipt fighter was dressed like his father in these workout shorts, complete with medals cut out

The imposing racer, who's amassed 5718 followers on Instagram, is seen here with his helmet on

Arnold, seen here in 2007 with Raul Julia at the NHL All Star Game, is now in southern California earlier this month

The 57-year-old built his 2013 campaign for US president on a series of fitness episodes that electrified viewers with more than 10 million viewers.

His efforts ranged from Bicycle Monopoly to Buster Po