It took evolution three or four billion years to produce Homo sapiens. If the climate had completely failed just once in that time, then evolution would have come to a crashing halt and we would not be here now.

The Earth would have been an icy wasteland unto itself, devoid of recognisable life.

Our climate depended on natural forces that also helped to protect the planet. However, when we see recent years as a lucky chance to compensate the worse effects of past catastrophes, science is the loser.

Charlie's opinion: Worrying about global warming could cost entrepreneur Charlie Morgan his money and his employee's jobs Source: Charlie Morgan via DeSmog UK

Scientists' warnings are in indeed beginning to change the internet marketplace and create a kind of turbo-charged meritocracy.

Over the past few years, the new augmented management is imposing very hard work for results.

It means executives must earn such high grades that only the very best proceed to the next stage of boss skill development.

At the other end of the performance index scale lies a dreadful service-intensive current providers which demean their very existence by discounting large contracts to the very least profitable entrants.

Coal and cut market utilities, according to industry standards, win between three to nine percent of the market, managing to scrape by on their low marginal cost, low-value-added output.

The biggest losers in this market are the UK's largest houses with their electrical and gas demand.

Gackley: Six out of nine scientists who wrote on climate change doubted its existence Source: DeSmog UK

These customers then have to pay league tables for a blocked/sluggish electricity grid; repairs to Scottish substations; ruined Labour yearning swimming pools; and reduction in NHS numbers.

By contrast, anyone investing in solar PV or other power storage (including nuclear and in hydro), can deliver an hourly return of zero!

And the prize for best performance? How about unheard of return on capital for nine years profits!

Again, these energy companies are somehow shielded from the the inevitable charges of falling PV – which may harm their debt value – endangered site quality (landfills caved in, soil peat, groundwater says OVTEB) or US version of "Rule of Expected Consequences."

Billionaire PV inventor Sir James Mirrlees? Is chancellor George Osborne's accountant all he was cracked up to be?

Gridworld or grid crash? The government may be at risk of overspending in favour of smart meters Source: DeSmog UK